AIC-601 Instantaneous Signal Recorder

AIC-601 is an instantaneous signal recorder applied in industry signal analysis. It takes IPC as the core for data sample and process. Special design makes the recorder has a good performance in anti-jamming and easy operation.

CPT-I CT PT Analyzer

Test for current transformer 1) Excitation curve and parameters test 2) Turn ratio test 3) Ratio and phase error test 4) Polarity mark check 5) Coil resistance measurement

CPT-III CT PT Analyzer

1) Turn ratio, ratio error and phase error test 2) Polarity test for CT 3) Excitation curve and knee voltage measurement in power frequency for CT 4) Error curve test

CB-III Circuit Breaker Analyzer

1) Test 12 contacts’s opening time and closing time 2) Test re-closing time 3) Test opening simultaneity and closing simultaneity 4) Test speed at instant of contacts touching (separating)

CB-I Circuit Breaker Analyzer

1) Closing and opening time measurement of 12 channels 2) Max difference of closing or opening time measurement of the three phases 3) C-O and O-C time measurement

CB-II Circuit Breaker Analyzer

1) 12 contacts closing time and opening time 2) Re-closing time 3) Opening or closing synchronize 4) Bounce time or bounce times of vacuum circuit breaker

BDV-I Insulation Oil Tester

1) Breakdown test of user-defined 2) Proof test 3) Calibration interface for users 4) Upload data to PC and make Word test report 5) Result print

BDV-II Insulation Oil Tester

1) Controlled by a 7-inch touch screen 2) It conforms to IEC156/IS6792/BS5874, ASTMD1816, ASTMD877 3) Breakdown test of user-defined 4) Proof test

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